News article of ESIC convergence with PMJAY.

Key Benefits of ESIS convergence and AB PM-JAY:

1.ESI beneficiaries will get access to healthcare providers under AB PM-JAY

2.AB PM-JAY beneficiaries will be able to avail services in ESIC empanelled hospitals.
3.Beneficiaries of ESIC can use their ESIS card to access free treatment at AB PM-JAY empanelled hospitals.

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Epf circular regarding member profile corrections in name /father name/ spouse name / gender

Attached is epf circular regarding member profile corrections in name /father name/ spouse name / gender. Correction have been divided into 2 classes. Minor corrections and Major corrections. Minor corrections shall be approved by APFCs / RPFC II. Major corrections shall be approved by RPFC I / RPFC II(OIC).

Maharashtra Minimum wages for period 01st Jan 2021 to 30th Jun 2021

Maharashtra Govt has revised the Minimum wages from 1.01.2021 to 30.06.2021 . Marathi Notification is uploaded here. Further we have created and uploaded the English version which has the Basic wages & Special Allowance industry and zone wise.

Note – An additional 5 % HRA  is to be added along with the Minimum wages i.e. ( Basic +Special allowance) for establishments employing 50 or more employees

Deployment of electronic facility at Employer Interface of EPFO’s Unified Portal for Principal Employers to view EPF compliances of their Contractors & contract workers.

Many employers outsource business processes of their establishment to contractors and
also engage workers in or in connection with the work of the establishment by or through
contractors and in such cases employer’s liability under EPF & MP Act, 1952 is payable by the
Principal employers. The contractors are registered independently as establishment with EPFO
and they are required to report EPF compliance in r/o workers provided to their Principal
Employers through ECRs. The UANs of the workers and the attendance / wage payment
records are verified by the Principal employers to settle the claims.

Now with deployment of aforesaid facility,

  1. EPFO registered employers engaging employees by or through contractor(s) can add
    the details of contractor(s), contract amount, tenure & UANs of contract employees at
    Employer Interface of EPFO’s Unified Portal:
    Principal Employers not registered with EPFO can register on above Portal with Income
    Tax TAN to receive Login/password for adding details of their contractors & contract
  2. On adding contractor’s & employees details, principal employer can view through their
    login the employee wise remittance made by contractors through ECR for any wage
    month during tenure of contract.
  3. Principal employer can view whether the employer’s share of EPF contributions (13% of
    contract worker’s wages) paid by the principal employer has been remitted by the
    contractor in r/o all contract workers or not.

circular of epfo is attached.